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     Native British 

Lily of the Valley Rhizomes 

Latin:  Convallaria majalis  

Other Names: Fairy Cups, May Lilies
:  It grows wild in England , parts of Wales and scattered localities in Scotland.
Habitat:  It thrives in dry woodland and hedgerows on chalky soils.  It is suitable for naturalising in woodland and shady areas of the garden.
  It is fine in deep shade, but you will get more flowers if it is grown in dappled shade.  It is extremely hardy, growing in the coldest regions.
Description:  Perennial.  It is a short plant (15-20cm), with nodding, very fragrant white bell-shaped  flowers from May to June.
Uses: Lily of the Valley has long been cultivated in British gardens and an essential oil obtained from the flowers is still used in the manufacture of perfumes and soaps.  
Lily of the Valley can be useful for 'forcing' indoors during the winter months.
Wildlife:  Attractive to bees.

Planting Instructions for Rhizomes:  Plant rhizomes laid horizontally and 3 cm deep.  Ensure that the top of the shoots (or 'pips') are 3 cm below the surface.  The rhizomes can be planted in autumn through to spring.  

Note:  Lily of the Valley Rhizomes will be sent out from mid November onwards.

Plant the rhizomes as soon as possible upon receipt.

These rhizomes were grown in Britain from cultivated stock.  

5 rhizomes @ 7    

10 rhizomes @12 

20 rhizomes @24      

50 rhizomes @55      

100 rhizomes @95      

All prices include VAT.

Please contact us for larger quantities


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