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     Native British 

Snowdrop Bulbs 

Latin:  Galanthus nivalis

Other Names:  Snow Piercer
Distribution:  This is the native British Snowdrop and is scattered throughout Britain.
Habitat:  It grows in most soils and grass including damp woodlands.  They are suitable for naturalising in grass, dappled shade and open woodland.
Description:  Perennial.  It is one of the earliest of flowers, often pushing its head above the snow in January.  It is a small plant (10-15cm), with nodding, white flowers appearing from January to March.  The flowers resemble three drops of milk hanging from a stem and account for the generic name of Galanthus which derives from the Greek for milk and flower. 
Wildlife:  The flowers are very attractive to bees and it is one of their earliest food sources.

Planting Instructions for Bulbs:  Snowdrop bulbs are best planted in late summer or early autumn and as soon as received.  For a dramatic effect, plant in numbers, 7cm apart.  They are best planted where they can be left undisturbed.  Plant with about 10cm of soil above the bulb, so that the soil covering does not dry out during the Spring.  If the soil dries out, the plant may not have sufficient moisture to build up the bulb for flowering the following year.

Plant the bulbs as soon as possible upon receipt.

These bulbs were grown in Britain from cultivated stock.  


20 bulbs 8

50 bulbs @ 16     

100 bulbs @ 30      

500 bulbs @ 135        

1000 bulbs @250        

 All prices include VAT.

Please contact us for larger quantities


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