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     Native British 

Solomon's Seal Rhizomes 

Latin:  Polygonatum multiflorum

Distribution:  It grows wild in parts of England and Wales.
It is a close relative of Lily of the Valley and thrives in similar conditions - dry woodland and hedgerows.  It is suitable for naturalising in woodland and shady areas of the garden.
Description:  Perennial.  It is a
medium plant (30-80cm), with long, arching stems bearing numerous leaves on one side of the stem and clusters of drooping, white flowers from May to June.
Uses: The powdered roots
have long been used to make a poultice for black eyes and other bruises and inflammations etc.  
Other Notes:  The name may have been acquired because of the plants medicinal value in 'sealing' wounds and broken bones.  Or it may be due to the leaf scars on the rhizome resembling document seals.

Planting Instructions for Rhizomes:  Plant rhizomes laid horizontally and 3cm deep. 

Plant the rhizomes as soon as received.

These rhizomes were grown in Britain from cultivated stock.  

1 rhizome @ 6    

5 rhizomes @17 

10 rhizomes @30  

20 rhizomes @58  

50 rhizomes @115  

All prices include VAT.

Please contact us for larger quantities


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