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     Turk's Cap Lily Bulbs 

Latin:  Lilium martagon

Other Names:  Martagon Lily
:  The Turk's Cap Lily is naturalised in deciduous woods and hedgerows across southern Britain, although not originally native to Britain. 
Deciduous woodland.
Description:  Perennial. It is a tall plant (
90-120cms) flowering from June to September.  It has numerous scented pink and purple flowers with darker spots with turned back petals which resemble a Turk's cap.

Planting Instructions for Bulbs:  Plant with about 10cm of soil above the bulb.

Plant the bulbs as soon as they are received.

These bulbs were grown from cultivated stock.  

1 bulb @ 7    
5 bulbs @25 

All prices include VAT.

Please contact us for larger quantities


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