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Monkshood Tubers 

Latin:  Aconitum napellus

Other Names:  Venus' Chariot, Wolfsbane, Monk's Blood
Distribution:  It is rare in the wild, but is believed to have been native to South West England and South Wales.
Moist, shady river banks and woodland.
Description:  Perennial.  It is a
tall plant (up to 2m), with attractive spikes of helmetted bluish-violet flowers from May to June.
Other Notes:  It is highly poisonous although it was used as a medicinal herb in mediaeval times.

Planting Instructions for Tubers:  Plant with about 10cm of soil above the tuber.

Plant the tubers as soon as they are received.

These tubers were grown in Britain from cultivated stock.  

1 tuber @ 5    

5 tubers @20 

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