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Byzantine Gladioli




Byzantine Gladioli Bulbs

Latin:  Gladiolus communis ssp byzantinus

Distribution:  This is native to Europe and has been grown in gardens here for centuries.  It is widely naturalised throughout Britain.

Habitat:  It thrives in dry, sunny situations.

Description:  Perennial.  It is a medium height plant growing up to 60cm with magenta flowers in spikes from May to June.  They spread quickly and are suitable for naturalizing.

Planting Instructions for bulbs:  The bulbs should be planted in the autumn as soon as received.  They are best planted where they can be left undisturbed.  Plant with about 8cm of soil above the rhizome, so that the soil covering does not dry out during the Spring.

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Plant the bulbs as soon as possible upon receipt.

These bulbs were grown in Britain from cultivated stock.




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