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'In the Green' Bulbs
Avail from January to April
for late Winter/Spring Planting


Dormant Bulbs
Avail from August to November
for Autumn Planting

Lily of the Valley

We supply British Wild Flower Bulbs  in two different ways.  During the autumn we supply dormant Bulbs and in late winter/spring we supply bulbs 'In the Green'.  

'In the Green' Bulbs are lifted in late winter/spring when the bulb is actively growing, in flower or after flowering when they are beginning to die back.  The amount of leaf or root growing from the bulb will be dependant on the species and the time it is sent out.  'In the Green' bulbs are freshly lifted to order, so please allow a little longer for delivery.  The plants will be sent out from early February onwards depending upon the weather conditions and the species ordered.  The website will be available to take orders from the middle of January and the lifting season is normally finished by April.  We will complete orders in the order we receive them.
Dormant Bulbs (or corms, tubers or rhizomes) are dormant and are usually sent out from late August through to November.  They are without roots and leaves although some may begin to sprout as the season progresses.  Orders for dry bulbs will be taken from July although dispatch will not begin until late August/early September.  Certain bulbs, such as Ramsons, are usually in short supply, so please order as early as possible, as we supply the earliest orders first.

Please click here to order 'Dormant' Wild Flower Bulbs

Please click here to order 'In the Green' Wild Flower Bulbs.

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British Bluebell Bulbs
Wild Daffodil
Wild Daffodil Bulbs
Snowdrop Bulbs 

Native Collections
Winter Aconite
Winter Aconite Rhizomes
Summer Snowflake
Summer Snowflake
Snakeshead Fritillary
Snake's Head Fritillary
Wild Garlic (Ramsons)

Wood Anemones
Wood Anemone Rhizomes

Round Headed Leek
Leek Bulbs

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem

Wild Tulip
Wild Tulip

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley
Tenby Daffodil
Wild Welsh Daffodil 
Wild Cyclamen
Wild Cyclamen
Double Snowdrops
Double Snowdrops
Martagon Lily
Martagon Lily Bulbs 

Bath Asparagus

Grape Hyacinth
Lesser Celandine
Lesser Celandine

Monkshood Bulbs

Meadow Saffron
Meadow Saffron 
(Autumn Crocus)

Solomon's Seal
Solomon's Seal Rhizomes

Byzantine Gladioli
Byzantine Gladioli

Autumn Squill
Autumn Squill Bulbs

Herb Paris
Herb Paris Rhizomes

Spring Squill
Spring Squill Bulbs

British Bluebell Bulbs


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