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Wild Flower Plug & Plant Collections

Butterfly Plugs
Butterfly Collection
of Plugs

Bird Plugs
Bird Collection
of Plugs

Sunny Plugs 
Honey & Bumble Bee
Collection of Plugs

Moth (& Bat) Collection of Plugs

Sunny Plugs
Sunny Site Collecn
of Plugs

Acid Plugs
Acid Soil Collecn
of Plugs
Chalk Plugs
Chalky Soil Collecn
of Plugs
Ragged Robin
Clay Soil Collecn
of Plugs
Gtr Knapweed
Sandy Soil Collecn 
of Plugs

Shade Plugs
Shady SiteCollecn
of Plugs

Dragonfly Collecn for Ponds

Bog Plants 
Bog Plant Collection
 for Ponds

Marginal Plants
Marginal Collecn
for Ponds

Pond Starter Collections

Coastal Collection 
of Plugs

Green Burial Collecns
Natural Burial Collections

Individual Plug Plant Catalogue

Plug Planting Guide

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