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There has been a decline in many groups of British insects over the last 50 years including many butterflies, moths, bees and hoverflies which were once common.  One of the reasons is believed to be linked with the reduction in abundance of wild flowers in the countryside that has occurred over this 50 year period.  Many plants require insects to transfer pollen between flowers allowing these flowers to become fertilised and therefore to produce seeds and fruits.  Insects are attracted by pollen and nectar on which they feed and they in turn transfer pollen between flowers.  In fact, pollen & nectar provides the complete diet for both adult bees and their larvae.  Pollen and nectar also provides a significant part of the diet of many other insects, especially in their immature stages.

The Royal Horticultural Society have compiled a list of Wild Flowers which are Perfect for Pollinators.  It includes virtually all of the wild flower plants, seeds and bulbs which I stock on my website.  You can access this list by clicking on the following link which will take you directly to the pdf file on the RHS site:


RHS PfP Logo

 The RHS Perfect for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects in gardens. Find out more at:





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