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Collection of Pond Plants for attracting Dragonflies & Damselflies

late March to October only

This collection consists of a selection of pond plants which are native to the UK and have been specifically selected for their value in creating an environment suitable for Dragonflies and Damsel flies. Dragonflies & Damselflies need access to water at all stages of their lifecycle. They require shelter, sunlight, unpolluted water, emergent plants and hunting areas. They spend most of their lives as larvae living underwater and so submerged plants provide habitats for the developing larvae and help oxygenate the water. The marginal plants provide emergence sites for the larvae and also perching, roosting and egg-laying sites for the adults. The plants supplied are suitable for planting in the shallows of a pond between a depth of 10cm and 45cm and in the deeper areas. They should be planted out into a suitable location as soon as you receive them.  The collection will be selected from the best quality plants available at the time of your order.  The plants may be bare root or plug depending on availability. 

You will normally receive: 
12 Plant Collection: at least 6 different varieties (ie 1 deep water, 1 floating, 1 oxygenator and 9 marginals)
24 Plant Collection: at least 9 different varieties (ie 1 deep water, 2 floating, 3 oxygenator and 18 marginals) 
36 Plant Collection: at least 12 different varieties (ie 2 deep water, 3 floating, 7 oxygenators, 24 marginals)
However, towards the end of the pond planting season (September & October), you may not receive any floating plants as they will have started to die back, but they will be replaced by additional marginal plants. 

We do not include aquatic soil with the planting bags. You will need to purchase it from a local garden centre or use ordinary garden loam. You will need the following approximate quantities:
12 Plant Collection: 4 bags hold up to 16 litres of soil
24 Plant Collection: 7 bags hold up to 31 litres of soil
36 Plant Collection: 10 bags hold up to 43 litres of soil

Your plants will be selected from the following:

Deep Water Plants:

         White Water Lily (larger ponds)
                 Nymphaea alba
         Brandy Bottle
                 Nuphar lutea
         Fringed Water Lily
                 Nymphoides peltata
         Amphibious Bistort
                 Polygonum amphibium

Marginal Plants:

         Bog Bean
                  Menyanthes trifoliata
                  Veronica beccabunga
         Branched Bur Reed
                  Sparganium erectum
         Purple Loosestrife
                 Lythrum salicaria
         Marsh Marigold
                  Caltha palustris
         Flowering Rush
                  Butomus umbellatus
         Pendulous Sedge
                  Carex pendula
         Lesser Spearwort
Ranunculus flammula
         Common Spike Rush
                  Eleocharis palustris
         Water Forget-me-Not
                 Myosotis scorpoides
         Water Mint
                 Mentha aquatica
         Water Plantain
                  Alisma plantago-aquatica
         Yellow Flag Iris
                 Iris pseudoacorus

Floating Plants:

Hydrocharis morsus-rane
         Water Soldiers
Stratiotes aloides

Oxygenating Deep Water Plants:

                  Ceratophyllum demersum
         Water Crowfoot
Ranunculus aquatilis
         Ivy Leaved Water Crowfoot
Ranunculus hederaceous
         Mare's Tail
Hippuris vulgaris
         Spiked Water Milfoil
Myriophyllum spicatum
         Curly Pondweed
                  Potomogeton crispus
         Water Starwort
                  Callitriche spp
         Water Violet
Hottonia palustris


12 plants @ 42

4 Planting bags 
@ 12

24 plants @ 83

7 Planting bags 
@ 20

36 plants @ 119

10 Planting bags @ 30

All prices include VAT.

Please contact us for larger quantities



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