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(Ramsons) - Fresh Seed

Fresh Ramsons seeds will germinate more quickly and with a higher success rate than dried seeds, but are only available for a short period in autumn.  They will be harvested during July/August and after cleaning will be sent out from September to December.  It will take 3 years before you have a flowering size bulb. Sowing seeds is particularly recommended for larger areas.  There are approximately 150 seeds per gramme.  

Planting Instructions for Fresh Seeds:  Fresh Ramsons seeds should be sown straight away in a shady, damp (but not water-logged) site.  Sow from September to January. Cover the seeds with 3mm soil if planting in a seed tray or pot.  The seeds will germinate in spring and the leaves will die down every summer.  You should have your first flowers after 3 years. 

Plant the seeds as soon as possible upon receipt.

These seeds were harvested from bulbs grown in Britain from cultivated stock - they have not been harvested from wild plants.


Fresh Ramsons seed available from August to December - if you would like to be contacted when the seed is available, please email enquiries@wildflowershop.co.uk

1g @ 4       

10g @ 8     

50g @ 30   

100g @ 58 

500g@ 270

1kg @ 390 

All prices include delivery.

Please contact us for larger quantities


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