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Meadow Mixture

Notice: Change To Seed Orders
We have temporarily suspended selling seeds for the next few months. This includes individual Seed Packets, Seed Collections and Meadow Mixes. If you would like to purchase our wild flower seeds you can still purchase them from www.wildgardenseeds.co.uk. If you click the link below it will take you to their website (in a new window) and you will be able to buy all of the seeds we have been stocking with free delivery

This seed mixture consists of perennial wild flower seeds (20% by weight) and wild grass species (80% by weight) that will require little or no maintenance once established.  It contains a mixture of wild flower species which are particularly robust and tussock forming grasses.  It can be particularly useful along boundaries and in corners and will provide a habitat for insects, small mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.  All of the wild flower seeds are of British native origin.  The grass seed is of British native wild origin where possible (marked with w).  The seeds should be sown at the rate of 4g per square metre.  The mix will consist of seeds from the following:

Wild Flowers:

Agrimonia eupatoria
Hedge Bedstraw
                Galium mollugo
Red Campion
Silene dioica 
Wild Carrot 

                    Daucus carota 
         Meadow Cranesbill 
                    Geranium pratense

Common Knapweed

                    Centaurea nigra

Greater Knapweed 

                    Centaurea scabiosa

Great Mullein 
Verbascum thapsus
Oxeye Daisy 
Leucanthemum vulgare
Upright Hedge Parsley 
Torilis japonica
         Ribwort Plantain
                    Plantago lanceolata

Perforate St John's Wort 
Hypericum perforatum
Dipsacus fullonum
         Common Vetch 
                Vicia sativa ssp segetalis
Tufted Vetch 
Vicia cracca
                 Achillea millefolium


                    Dactylis glomerata

Crested Dogstail

                    Cynosurus cristatus

Meadow Fescue
Festuca pratensis
Red Fescue 
Festuca rubra ssp rubra
         Tall Fescue 
Festuca arundinacea 
Yorkshire Fog 
                Holcus lanatus 
Meadow Foxtail 
Alopecurus pratensis
Tufted Hair Grass 
Deschampsia cespitosa 
Yellow Oat Grass
Trisetum flavescens

100g @ 18

500g @ 68

1kg @ 96

Prices include VAT

Please contact us for larger quantities

Red Campion




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