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     Native British 


Latin:  Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Other Names:  Crowtoes, Jacinth (Elizabethan times)
Distribution:  This is the native British bluebell, which was once common in the wild throughout British woodlands, but with the clearance of woodland the numbers of wild bluebells has reduced.
Habitat:  It thrives in woodland, hedgerows and scrubland.  It is suitable for naturalising in grass, dappled shade and open woodland.
Description:  Perennial.  It is a short plant (25-45 cm), with nodding, fragrant blue flowers from April to May.  [The Spanish Bluebell or hybrids between the two are scentless.]  The bulbs are 4 years old and so will flower this spring.
Uses: The bulbs were used to make glue at one time and the Elizabethans used the starch in the bulbs to stiffen their ruffs.  

Our plants and seeds are of native British origin.