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Cichorium intybus

Other Names: Wild Succory
Distribution:  Probably not a native as it may have been introduced from the East in ancient times.  However, it is widely naturalised and common in the south of Britain , particularly on chalky soils. 
Habitat:  Found on grassland, roadsides and waste ground on dry alkaline soil.  Prefers a sunny site.
Description:  Tall perennial (height up to 1.5m) with bright blue flowers from July to August.
Uses:  Chicory has long been used as a vegetable and animal fodder in Europe .  A distillation from the flowers has been used for dim sight and inflammation of the eyes.  Nowadays, the fleshy roots are dried, roasted and ground so that they can be used as a coffee substitute or added to other coffee to strengthen itsí flavour.  The seeds have also been sown with grass seeds as their long tap roots help break up the soil.

Instructions for Sowing Seed:  Sow seed in late spring to early summer, approximately 1cm deep and in situ - this will ensure plenty of leaves will be available for picking from autumn until early winter.

Our plants and seeds are of British origin.