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Corn Chamomile

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 Corn Chamomile
 Anthemis arvensis

Distribution:  Native of cornfields which was once common throughout Britain .

Habitat:  Wide variety of soil types including poor soils including very alkaline soils.  It thrives in sunny situations.

Description: Native annual/biennial of cornfields which was once common but is now becoming rare due to modern agricultural methods.   It is of medium height with white daisy-like flowers from June to September.  The grey-green foliage is fragrant.

Wildlife:  It is a good nectar plant for bees.

Other Notes:   In common with other cornfield annuals, corn chamomile can be encouraged to return each year by allowing the seed to fall before cutting back the dead plants. 



Sowing Instructions for Seeds: Sow seed in situ during autumn.  The seed can also be sown in situ early in the spring.


Our plants and seeds are of native British origin.