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Corn Marigold

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 Corn Marigold
 Chrysanthemum segetum

Distribution:  Once abundant in cornfields throughout Britain , it is not a true native, but was probably introduced in ancient times with grain.

Habitat:  Wide variety of soil types including poor soils, but dislikes lime.  It thrives in sunny situations, but can tolerate light shade.

Description: Annual of cornfields which was once common but is now becoming rare due to modern agricultural methods.   It of medium height with large yellow flowers from May to September.

Wildlife:  It is a good plant for bees, butterflies and moths.  It is the food plant of the Chamomile Shark Moth.

Other Notes:   In common with other cornfield annuals, corn marigolds can be encouraged to return each year by allowing the seed to fall before cutting back the dead plants.  The wild flower thrives in disturbed ground, so re-cultivate the ground the following spring.


Sowing Instructions for Seeds:  Sow seed in situ in early spring. Alternatively, a sowing in situ during autumn will produce larger and earlier-flowering plants.  The seed can also be sown in March in the greenhouse. Prick seedlings out into pots & plant out in May.          


Our plants and seeds are of British origin.