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 Primula veris

Other Names:  Bunch of Keys, Fairy Cups, Keys of Heaven, Paigles

Distribution:  Native perennial throughout Britain .

Habitat:  Grows on most moderately good soils in grassy areas and does well on chalky soil.  Prefers sunny sites.

Description:  Height is 7 to 20cm.  The nodding, yellow flowers are delicately perfumed and appear in April and June.

Folklore:  The delicately perfumed flowers have been used to make a potent country wine.

Wildlife:  The nectar in the flowers attracts moths, butterflies and bees with long tongues.  It is the larval food plant of the Duke of Burgundy Fritillary Butterfly, Plain Clay and Northern Rustic Moths.


Sowing Instructions for Seeds:  Ideally, sow in the autumn in trays kept outdoors so that the seeds are naturally stratified (periods of alternating warmth and cold). At other times, sow and keep at around 22C for 1-2 months. Cool for 1-2 months (around 0C) in a fridge. Then warmer (around 10C) for about a month. It may be necessary to repeat this process if using the fridge method. Germination is inhibited by temperatures above 20C.


Our plants and seeds are of native British origin. 


The prices for larger quantities of Cowslip Seed for use in the creation of wild flower meadows are as follows:

          10g - 9.50         


          100g - 65