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Tanacetum parthenium

Distribution:  A British wild flower, which is fairly common throughout Britain, but is an introduced rather than native plant.
Habitat:  It grows in most soils on waste ground, hedgerows and walls in dry, sunny sites. 
Description:  Medium height perennial with pungently aromatic foliage.  The daisy-like flowers are white and appear from July to August.  Feverfew is a short lived perennial but usually self seeds prolifically.
Uses:  Feverfew has gained a good reputation as a medicinal herb and research since 1970 has proved it to be of special benefit in the treatment of certain types of migraine headaches and rheumatism.  It was traditionally used for driving away fevers and as a cure for feminine complaints.

Sowing Instructions for Seeds:  Sow seed in spring in a greenhouse or cold frame. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them out into individual pots.  Plant the seedlings out into their final position in summer.

Our plants and seeds are of British origin.