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Greater Birdís Foot Trefoil
Lotus uliginosus/Lotus pedunculatus

Other Names:  Many local names for this plant including Marsh Bird's Foot Trefoil.
Distribution:  Common across UK in wet areas and bogs.
Habitat:  Native perennial of damp, grassy places. Does well on poor soils, but dislikes shade.
Description:  Medium height, scrambling plant which favours damper grasslands and bogs.  It is similar to the Lesser Bird's Foot Trefoil apart from its habitat and larger size.  The yellow pea-like flowers appear from May to September. 
Wildlife:  Food plant of the Five Spot Burnet Moth.

 Sowing Instructions for Seeds:  It may be beneficial to gently rub the seeds between two sheets of sandpaper to aid water absorption or pre-soak the seed for 24 hours in warm water to aid germination.  Sow in the spring or autumn either in trays in a cold frame or in the final flowering site.  The seed usually germinates in 2 - 4 weeks at 15įc. If planting in trays, prick the seedlings out when they are large enough to handle.  Plant them out in late spring or early summer.

Our plants and seeds are of native British origin.