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Dipsacus fullonum

Other Names:  Johnny-prick-the-finger, Brush & Comb, Venus's Lip, Venus's Basin
Distribution:  A native British wild flower, which is fairly common throughout Britain.
Habitat:  Rough pastures, copses and beside streams.  Prefers sunny sites.
Description:  Tall (45cm to 2m), upright biennial with many branches.  The long pointed leaves are in pairs with their bases fused to form a 'cup' in which rain water gathers.  The flowers (July to August) are pinkish purple.
Uses:  The water collected in the stems was considered beneficial and an ointment produced from the roots was used to cure warts.
Wildlife:  The flowers are a rich source of nectar and the seeds are a favourite with goldfinches.

Sowing Instructions for Seeds: 
Sow seed in late spring to early summer in a cold frame. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them out into individual pots and plant them out in late summer for flowering the following year (biennial).

Our plants and seeds are of native British origin.