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Linaria vulgaris

Other Names:   Lion's Mouth, Devil's Head, Weasel-Snout, Pig's Chops, Squeeze Jaw, Rabbit flower, Impudent lawyer, Bread and Cheese, Devil's flax, Butter and Eggs
Distribution:  Native perennial of meadows, cultivated fields and waste ground, which is widespread over Britain apart from the far north of Scotland . 
Habitat:  Wide variety of soil types including poor soils and alkaline soils.  It prefers sunny situations.
Description: Native perennial of medium height with snapdragon-like flowers of yellow and orange from July to October.  The unusual shape of the flowers have led to it's large number of local names.
Wildlife:  It is the food plant of the Toadflax Pug Moth and the Marbled Clover Moth.  It is also a popular source of nectar for bees.
Uses:  Traditionally it was once widely employed as a diuretic in the treatment of oedema due to its effect on the liver.  

  Sowing Instructions for Seeds: Sow seed in situ in early spring. Alternatively, a sowing in situ during autumn will produce larger and earlier-flowering plants.  The seed can also be sown in March in the greenhouse. Prick seedlings out into pots & plant out in May.     

Our plants and seeds are of native British origin.