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Purple Loosestrife
Purple Loosestrife

Water Mint
Water Mint


Marsh Marigold
Marsh Marigold


Cotton Grass

Water Forget-me-Not

Water Plantain

Water Violet

     Wild Flower Plant Collection of Pond Marginals

late March to October only

Late spring/early summer is usually considered the best time to establish marginal plants when the temperature is rising - they will establish more quickly and successfully then.   

Bog garden plants on the other hand can be planted at any time of the year so long as the ground isn’t frozen.  It is best to plant from autumn to late spring as the plants are less likely to dry out then (main cause of failure) and can get established before the summer.   

This collection consists of  wild flower plug plants or bare rooted plants which are native to the UK.  They are suitable for planting in the shallows of a pond between a depth of 10cm and 45cm.  If you would like plants suitable for planting around the edge of a pond where the soil is wet, but the plants will not be submerged for prolonged periods, please select the Bog Plant Collection. They should be planted out into a suitable location as soon as you receive them.  The collection will be selected from the best quality plants available at the time of your order.  The plants may be bare root or plug depending on availability. You will receive at least 6 different varieties (ie 2 of each when ordering 12 plants, 4 of each if ordering 24 etc).  Your plants will typically be selected from the following:

      §         Amphibious Bistort
Persicaria amphibia
§         Arrowhead
Sagittaria sagittifolia
§         Bog Arum
Calla palustris
§         Bog Bean
Menyanthes trifoliata
§         Brooklime
Veronica beccabunga
§         Lesser Bulrush (Narrow Reedmace)
Typha angustifolia

§         Creeping Jenny
  Lysimachia nummularia
§         Water Cress
Nasturtium officinale

§         Water Crowfoot
  Ranunculus aquatilis
§         Ivy Leaved Water Crowfoot
  Ranunculus hederaceous
§         Water Figwort
  Scrophularia auriculata
§         Sweet Flag
Acorus calamus
§         Water Forget-me-Not
  Myosotis scorpioides
§         Sweet Galingale
Cyperus longus

§         Cotton Grass
  Eriophorum angustifolium
§         Gypsywort
  Lycopus europaeus
§         Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria
§         Yellow Loosestrife
        Lysimachia vulgaris
§         Mare's Tail
        Hippuris vulgaris
§         Marsh Pennywort
        Hydrocotyle vulgaris
§         Marsh St John's Wort
§         Square Stalked St John's Wort
§         Marsh Marigold
Caltha palustris
§         Pendulous Sedge
Carex pendula
§         Pennyroyal
Mentha pulegium
§         Pepper Grass
Pilularia globulifera

§         Water Plantain
        Alisma plantago-aquatica

§         Flowering Rush
Butomus umbellatus

§         Hard Rush
        Juncus inflexus
§         Soft Rush
        Juncus effusus
§         Lesser Spearwort
        Ranunculus flammula

§         Water Cress
Nasturtium officinale
§         Fool's Water Cress
Apium nodiflorum

§         Water Forget-me-Not
Myosotis scorpoides
§         Water Mint
Mentha aquatica

§         Water Violet
        Hottonia palustris

§         Yellow Flag Iris
Iris pseudoacorus

12 Plants @ £42
24 Plants @ £83
36 Plants @ £119

Prices include VAT

Please contact us for larger quantities

Yellow Flag
Yellow Flag


Pendulous Sedge
Pendulous Sedge


Creeping Jenny

Amphibious Bistort




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