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     Wild Flower Plug Collection for Shady & Partly Shady Sites

This collection consists of  wild flower plug plants which are native to the UK.  They are suitable for planting in shady or partly shaded sites.  The plugs are young plants, not seedlings, with a good rootstock and should be planted out into a suitable location as soon as you receive them.  The collection will be selected from the best quality plants available at the time of your order.  You will receive at least 6 different varieties (ie 2 of each when ordering 12 plugs etc).  Your plugs will typically be selected from the following:

              Cow Parsley
                  Anthriscus sylvestris
         Cuckoo Pint
                  Arum maculatum
Aquilegia vulgaris
         Enchanter's Nightshade
Circaea lutetiana
    Scrophularia nodosa
  Digitalis purpurea
         Greater Stitchwort
  Stellaria holostea
         Greater Woodrush
Luzula sylvatica
         Hedge Bedstraw
Galium mollugo
         Hedgerow Cranesbill
Geranium pyrenaicum
         Hedge Woundwort
Stachys sylvatica
         Herb Robert
Geranium robertianum
         Hairy St John's Wort
Hypericum hirsutum

         Lady's Smock
  Cardamine pratensis
         Lesser Stitchwort
  Stellaria graminea
  Filipendula ulmaria
         Oval Sedge
Carex ovalis

  Primula elatior
         Pale St John's Wort
Hypericum montanum

         Perforated St John's Wort
    Hypericum perforatum
Primula vulgaris
         Ragged Robin
  Lychnis flos-cuculi
         Red Campion
Silene dioica

    Prunella vulgaris
Achillea ptarmica
         Sulphur Clover
Trifolium ochroleucon
         Tufted Vetch
  Vicia cracca
         Dog Violet
Viola riviniana
         Sweet Purple Violet
Viola odorata

         Wild Basil
  Clinopodium vulgare
         Wild Strawberry
Fragaria vesca

         Wood Avens
  Geum urbanum
         Wood False-Brome
Brachypodium sylvaticum
         Wood Sage
Teucrium scorodonia
         Wood Forget-me-Not
Myosotis sylvatica

12 Plugs @ 36
24 Plugs @ 72
36 Plugs @ 108

Prices include VAT

Please contact us for larger quantities

Cuckoo Pint

Gtr Stitchwort

Pale St John's Wort

Wood Forget-me-Not



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