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 Planting Zones for Pond and Bog Plants

Please note that most native marginal & open water pond plants will die back over the winter apart from a very few which are evergreen.  This process starts during September/October depending on the temperature.  Floating plants (eg Water Soldier, Frogbit & Hornwort) will die back and sink to the bottom of the pond where the buds will lie dormant until the weather starts to warm up in late spring.  Donít remove any of the dead or dying material (or clean the bottom of your pond) during this period!

Late spring/early summer is usually considered the best time to establish marginal plants when the temperature is rising - they will establish more quickly and successfully then.

Bog garden plants on the other hand can be planted at any time of the year so long as the ground isnít frozen.  It is best to plant from autumn to late spring as the plants are less likely to dry out then (main cause of failure) and can get established before the summer. 

Bog Plants  -  suitable where the soil is wet & boggy, but the plants will not be submerged for prolonged periods eg around the edge of ponds.  Go to Bog Plants on Pond Pages.

Marginal Plants  -  suitable for the shallows of the pond where the plants will be submerged most of the time to depths up to 45cm. Flowers and some leaves above the water surface.  Go to Marginal Plants on Pond Pages.

Open Water Plants -  plants which are totally submerged - floating or growing in soil (or in baskets) on the pond floor.  Go to Open Water Plants on Pond Pages.

More information on pond plants and planting up wildlife ponds can be found under Pond Planting Instructions and Pond Frequently Asked Questions.



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