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Wild Clematis
Wild Clematis


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Fresh Yellow Rattle Seed - Fresh Yellow Rattle seed should be sown before Christmas to ensure that it is subjected to at least 8 weeks of chilling in the soil  to successfully germinate in the spring.  Fresh seed has a higher success rate than seed which has been dried for longer. Yellow Rattle is a useful plant to introduce when creating a wild flower meadow.  It is semi-parasitic on the roots of plants, especially grasses, & once established will reduce the vigour of the original grass by up to 50%. 

Apart from a few stragglers, there are few wild flowers in evidence during December.  A splash of colour is provided by berries and attractive seed heads (Teasels and Wild Clematis in particular).  If the winter is exceptionally mild, then Snowdrops and Winter Aconites may be in flower towards the end of the month.  Click on the photograph to buy seeds and depending on the time of year, plugs and bulbs may also be available.  

We have reached the end of the dry bulb planting season, but many of the wild flower bulbs will also be available 'In the Green' from late January/early February eg Bluebells, Snowdrops, Wild Daffodils, Tenby Daffodils, Snakeshead Fritillary, Summer Snowflakes, Lily of the Valley, Winter Aconites, Wood Anemones, Round Headed Leeks, Ramsons, Lesser Celandine, Solomon's Seal, Monk's Hood.  ‘In the Green' bulbs are lifted in late winter when the bulb is actively growing and has roots and leaves.  They are sent out as soon as they are lifted and need to be re-planted immediately.  'In the green' planting is considered by some authorities as the most successful way of establishing Snowdrops in particular. Click here if you would like to order or pre-order 'in the green' wild flower bulbs:

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Winter Aconite
Winter Aconites

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