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Wood Anemone



Mdw Buttercup
Meadow Buttercup

Lesser Celandine

Cow Parsley
 Cow Parsley


Creeping Jenny

Cuckoo Pint
Cuckoo Pint

 Wild Flower Calendar

Primroses and Daisies are still in flower this month, but many more wild flowers are beginning to come into bloom.

Wild Daffodils, Lesser Celandines, Bluebells, Ramsons, Snakeshead Fritillaries, Star of Bethlehem, Snowflakes and Wood Anemones 'In the Green' will be available from late January along with other native bulbs.  Dry bulbs will be available later in the summer although there will be a facility on our web pages to pre-order them in July. Click here to look at our Native Bulb Pages  for more details.

Meadow Mixes for creating a Wild Flower Meadow can be sown this month.  They can be sown in the autumn (August to October) or Spring (February to May), but on heavy clay soils it is be best to sow in Spring as water-logging may cause some seed/seedlings to rot during the Winter.

Wild Flower Seeds which are best sown in Spring can be sown now.  Some wild flower seeds will germinate easily, but others can take longer.  This is one of the most economic and easiest ways to establish wild flowers in your garden.  Try one of our 
Seed Collections
which contain a mix of seeds for specific locations, soil types or to attract wildlife eg Honey & Bumble Bee, Butterfly or Bird Mixes.

Late Spring/early Summer is usually considered the best time to establish Pond Marginal plants when the water temperature is rising - they will establish more quickly and successfully then.  For more information on creating a native Wildlife Pond, click here.

Warmer weather can lead to a growth of algae and blanket weed in your pond as the temperature of the water starts to rise and before the other plants in the pond have re-established after the Winter.  It will usually clear up within a few weeks, but if not, barley straw can be used to inhibit the growth of algae while the pond finds a natural balance see our Pond Pads which are made from barley straw and release natural compounds which inhibit the growth of algae in the pond water for about six months giving the pond a chance to establish a balance.  For more information on Algae & Blanket Weed Control, click here.

New wild flower meadows sown the previous Autumn, should have their first cut when the grass reaches 10-15cms in height unless they include a 'Cornfield Nurse' or other annual flowers.

Here are some April Wild Flowers that we currently stock seeds, plug plants or bulbs for.  Click on the photograph to buy seeds and  where plugs are also available they will be indicated on the seed catalogue pages.   

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Snakeshead Fritillary
Snakeshead Fritillary

Lesser Spearwort

Gtr Stitchwort
Gtr Stitchwort

Wood Sorrel

Wild Tulip

Marsh Violet


Water Cress

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